Who Are We?

Our mission is to support caregivers and raise awareness of the importance of self-care and well-being while taking care of others.

Why Betty Cares?

Betty was known for her kind, brilliant and caring spirit. She yearned to make a difference in the lives of those around her. She spent a good portion of her life helping to shape young minds and share her passion for science and education. Graduating from college at the young age of 19, Betty married her love, Jerry, with whom she shared one of her life's greatest accomplishments, her daughter, Kira. She nurtured Kira and Jerry throughout her life and always gave of herself when and where she could. What most would have considered sacrifices, she always placed her family and friends before her own needs. No matter what adversity Betty encountered, she was never a victim. She instead empowered and encouraged herself and her loved ones to take charge and make a difference.

When a beloved family member was diagnosed with cancer, she refused to leave his side and took care of him, often spending days on end seated in uncomfortable chairs next to his hospital bed. While caring for this family member as he was fighting for his life, Betty failed to acknowledge signs indicating that her own health was failing. When she finally took the time to assess her medical situation, it was too late. While Kira was pregnant with Betty's second grandchild (Betty's first grandchild was a boy, Joshua, who she adored more than anything), Betty was diagnosed with advanced cancer. Sadly, Betty passed away just 6 weeks before the birth of her granddaughter and namesake, Shaina Bari.

Betty's sad ending to a life filled with love, friendship, generosity and caring led her family to create Betty Cares. As Betty's family experienced the outstanding health care in a caring environment at Miami Children's Hospital, they decided it would be a perfect match to support caregivers, those individuals who often neglect themselves while caring for their loved ones, especially children. Although Betty's life ended in a tragedy, her story can have a happy ending in her legacy. Please join and support our cause to help others live happily ever after in Betty's memory.

Betty Cares was founded by Kira Brenman Turchin and Jason Turchin in 2010. Kira is a biomedical engineer with undergraduate and master's degrees from University of Miami. She is also a PhD candidate in engineering and communication. She was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Miami prior to her mother's illness and death. Jason is a Victim's Rights Attorney who dedicates his career to helping those injured, killed or victimized by other's carelessness.